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The Joint national council of political parties has evaluated the overall activities of the signatory parties of the electoral code of political parties. The council which corroborated its role toward holding a peaceful, democratic and credible election has also set general directions for the consolidation of multiparty political system in the country during the coming five years. In its assessment, the council observed the significant contribution of the signatory parties which negotiated on the basis of mutual interest, tolerance and respect, and the endorsement of the electoral code by the chairpersons of the four political parties to the strengthening of a democratic culture based on tolerance. Similarly, they determined that the agreement to fully back the endorsement of the electoral code to be issued as a proclamation was the opening of a new chapter in the multiparty politics of the country. Recognizing the role member parties of the council played to the consolidation of a multiparty system, they also agreed to rectify limitations that arise due to lack of experience and underdeveloped democracy through sustained joint struggle. Noting the immense contribution of the joint national council to the consolidation of democracy and the peaceful process through their participation at different levels during the past eleven months, the members have agreed to prepare a detailed plan that will enable them to further bolster the culture of consultation, tolerance and working cooperatively during the coming five years. The council finally urged the public to exercise their constitutional rights and vote for their favorite party. It also called on contesting political parties and electorates to accept the election results gracefully in order to realize the peaceful, democratic and credible conclusion of the election and further strengthen the democratic culture of the country. The joint national council finally called on non-signatory political parties to abide by the electoral code of the country and discharge their legal responsibilities to make the election peaceful.

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