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EPRDF’s Executive Committee concludes its meeting


EPRDF‘s Executive Committee meeting that was held for the past eight days was concluded yesterday.

The Meeting thoroughly reviewed the reports from the four the member parties based on the discussions and directions made in the seventeen days last December/January meeting and identified the gaps and strengths as well.

Following the evaluation of the reports, the Committee has forwarded operational directives for the parties so as to quickly address their weaknesses and enhance their strengths.

The need to sustain the Developmental and Democratic program and the Federal Democratic System in order to consolidate the journey towards Renaissance was underlined during the meeting.

Accordingly, a better understanding and a unity have been created among the member parties on the necessity of sustaining the Developmental and Democratic Line appropriately.

The Meeting of the Council of EPRDF, which follows deliberations of the Executive Committee, is expected to begin today.

The Council is going to discuss on the documents presented by the Executive Council together with its report.

The Council is also expected to fill vacant positions including chairperson as per the by-laws and regulations of the Front.