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EPRDF’s Executive Meeting to be kicked off on Next Sunday:

The Chairman of the Council of EPRDF Secretariat, Comrade Shiferaw Shigute, has stated on a press conference today on current issues that EPRDF's Executive committee Meeting is going to take place from March 11, 2018.

The Executive's Meeting has been postponed due to problems happened following the request of the Chairman of the front to resign said Comrade Shiferaw. He has also told that the Executive's Meeting will discuss on the implementation of the statements made previously and forward next directions.

Comrade Shiferaw has also explained that the Council of the Secretariat will evaluate in detail its 6-month performance after the completion of the Executive's Meeting.

The Council is expected to elect the front's chairperson.

According to Comrade Shiferaw, postponing EPRDF's Conference based on the decisions of the Central Committees of the National Organizations of postponing the conference will be presented to the Council.

The 11th Organizational Conference of the EPRDF will take place next Augus the chairman announced.

Comrade Shiferaw has informed that there is no disagreement among EPRDF Member Organizations and Leaders on the necessity of the State of Emergency to keep peace and order.

When asked about the postponing of the election of the front's chairperson, the chairman elaborated, ‘'We will elect a chairperson when we are ready since we are leading a large Country; the Chairperson of the organization and Prime Minister will be elected based on the Statute of the Organization and the Constitution.'