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May 1991 under Ethiopian Sky

By "Mimi Tadesse

Mid of May 1991 according to G.C was the time when Ethiopia was under huge gloomy and darkness.

For successive 17 years death, revolution, terror, torch and violence become the big history of the country, which started after February 1966 revolution and a military coup. The 1966 revolution which started by higher education students and accelerated by the taxi drivers, civil servants, and militant groups ended up the monarchial system of emperor Hailesilassie and the so called Solomonic dynasty which ruled Ethiopia under feudal administration for about 5 decades. This was the time when all Ethiopians wishes to have a democratic government  which is elected by the society  for the better life of farmers,  urban dwellers and the society at large,but after the revolution had taken place the military junta   called Dergue "ደርግ'' hijacked   the revolution and control the power under solid military administration; which resulted for Ethiopian 17 years of tragedy ,hundred thousands of death, terror under the ruling  militant junta chairperson of Dergue called colonel Mengistu  Hailemariam.

The military junta had committed one of the most horrific crimes in the history of Ethiopia and the continent at large.

During the military administration, Mengistu Hailemariam was the architect of many death and terrors that driven the country in to nationwide mourning, blood shade, frustration, and horror.
During that era Youth death struck everywhere and was common; it was the time when all Ethiopian parents wished to be sterile.

Youths Hopes turned in to despair, exile from their mother land to other African cities, Europe and North America.  Despite of such hostile situation few visionary young Ethiopian's goes to desert and jungle to pay their irreplaceable and priceless life in order to fight and bring end to the administration of  the militant group that seems mighty through blood and iron.
In the mean time in1989 the membership of Tigray People's Liberation Front [TPLF], The Amhara National Democratic Movement [ANDM], The Oromo People's Democratic Movement [OPDO] and The Southern Ethiopian People's Democratic Movement  [SEPDM] had organized under the umbrella of Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front /EPRDF/ to accelerate the  down fall of the Dergue regime. Then the struggle was much organized and continued from then on. In which EPRDF scored glorious victory in many battle fields in different corners of the country.

But when EPRDF   paves its way  to Addis Ababa and reaches the capital ; many politicians, scholars, and western Medias forecast about the future Ethiopia, almost all under line Ethiopia as a' 'fragile state' 'next to Yugoslavia and Somalia. In early 1991, the EPRDF along with the Ethiopian people achieved real successes and defeated the military junta. Due to the military dictator Mengistu Hailemariam left the country for Harare-Zimbabuwe.

On May 28th of 1991 Addis Ababa, the capital of Ethiopia falls under the forces of Ethiopian People's Revolutionary Democratic Front, after 17 years of a protracted life and death struggle which brings the total down fall of dictatorial regime. The nightmare came to end and the opening of new chapter in modern Ethiopia came into being. Soon after, a transition government was formed. In July month of the same year, a new democratic constitution was drafted in 1991 history of Ethiopia.

In contradict to "fragile state" as forecasted by the Western Medias and scholars of the then time the revolutionary group EPRDF played a key role in laying foundations for new Ethiopia and build a nation of a communal vision with a new spirit of hope. And become a home where nations, nationalities and people's live together in harmony!

In the first ten years after the overthrow of the military, EPRDF along with the Ethiopian people had engaged in a wide range of activities to ensure long lasting peace and laid foundations to rebuild the country from the ashes of war and civil unrest. The system also had undertaken basic reforms to ensure fertile ground which facilitate the building of multi-party democratic system. In line with this from the adoption of democratic constitution; five national elections were conducted so far. Within the past 26 years, ambitious policies were adopted and implemented. Changes are recorded in different sectors. Thus Ethiopia which was once the poster child of famine, is becoming one of the most developing nations under Sub-Saharan countries, with double digit economic growth, with huge investment in infrastructure.  

Under the leadership of EPRDF it become the one who plays the most significant role in maintaining peace and prosperity of the continent and of the world.

 Today, Ethiopia which is the second most populous country of Africa is becoming the economic hub of continent and influential in world diplomacy, by hosting most of the diplomatic seat next to Genève and…… Because of the works done within the past 26 years many are forecasting about the coming of highways of Ethiopia , In which the nations, nationalities and  people's of Ethiopia are aspiring for Ethiopian renaissance and bright future through hard working and unity.
Even at this point of time one can speak without doubt that, the root and foundation of   the bold and new image as well progress of Ethiopia  at national, continental and world  stage, was May 28th.

Honor and Decency to those who scarify their lives to us.

Glorious Victory to May 28th celebration