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Statement of EPRDF’s Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of EPRDF in its regular meeting on June 5, 2018, has reviewed in details about the fast and on-going growth the country achieved in the past 15 years, the initiation and motivation to strengthen local and foreign investment opportunities due to the achievement gained, and the next focal areas that need to more attention. Since the implementation of the foreign exchange during past 2 and ½  years has been less than the planned one, the Committee noted that the short-comings should be solved by up-grading the products and productivities of agriculture and industry, paying especial attention to products for export.
The Committee has also evaluated and set directions on extending foreign exchange, up-grading the capacity of taxation systems, reducing the challenges related to poverty and expensive life, and resolving problems coming from lack of good governance.
Accordingly, the Committee stated that taking measures for the betterment of the development achieved and improvement of the implementation so as to keep up with the existing situations. Thus, the EPRDF's Executive Committee has set directions as:
·    The fast growth/development needs to be inclusive growth and consistent by allowing local investors to have share on mega-projects,
·    The pace of the growth needs to be continuous by ensuring Ethiopians and citizens of Ethiopia living abroad to participate on their country's development for long time,
·    To allow foreign investors and skillful people to play positive roles in our development,
·    To transfer whole or partial share of government owned, or service delivering as well as constructions undertaken_ railway, sugar plantation, industrial park, hotel and various manufacturing organizations_ to private sector,
·    The greater shares of Ethio Telecom, Ethiopian Airlines, Electric Power Stations and Maritime and Logistics shall be owned by the government, whereas the rest of the shares shall be privatized by local and foreign investors or diaspora.      
The Executive Committee noted that implementation has to be characterized by Developmental Democratic State that make fast and continuous growth and the administration has to ensure sustainable benefit to the country; the details are to be practiced under close follow-up and supported by experts.
Besides, having evaluated the current Ethio-Eritrean situations in details, the Committee announced as:
EPRDF's call for creating sustainable peace agreement between Ethiopia and Eritrea:
Peace is invaluable to Ethiopia's development and peoples' benefit. Peace is a cornerstone for everything.
The Ethio-Ertirean war in 1998 was the bloodiest of all battlefields observed in African boarder-clashes and it destroyed thousands of human lives displaced thousands of residents in the two countries. As a result, the question concerning what the future relationships of the two countries look like is shared by Ethiopians, Eritreans, and the international community.
Nowadays, Ethiopia is committed to unconditional implementation of the December 2001 Algiers Agreement.
Ethiopia has until now insisted on the need for negotiations with Eritrea so that the healthy and brotherly-sisterly relations and interactions of these two countries to become sustainable and settlement of peace around the region and the Horn needs to be given priority unquestionably.

Council of Secretariat of the Office of EPRDF
May 5, 2018