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Ethiopian Peoples' Revolutionary Front (EPRDF) has been being responsible to govern the country since the downfall of the Dergue Regime when Ethiopia was strangled by economic policies deleterious to development; citizenry was captive of an undemocratic and brutal regime, and the state was rocked by harsh nationalist conflicts and interminable wars. The EPRDF owes its success over the past decades in guiding the people under its leadership by thoroughly examining and targeting on all-rounded and successful socio-economic and political development throughout the country. In doing so, the Front has formulated a constitution by participating the people through their representatives based on the existing local contexts. Now, we Ethiopians are mobilizing together so as to bring sustainable development in every aspect.

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15 Negotiating Parties Agree on Mixed Electoral System

Including EPRDF, 16 national political parties have taken parts in their 5th negotiation concerning Political Parties’ Electoral Rule 532/99. All the national political parties that are participating in the negotiation have agreed upon the proposed Mixed Electoral System except Ye-Ethiopia Raie Party. While accepting the Mixed Electoral System, the political parties have differences on the percentage of the Proportional Representation to be combined with the prevailing First-Past-The-Post.

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Political Parties to continue Negotiation on Electoral System

National political parties have been negotiating on the mixed electoral system since September 2017. The parties have negotiated on changing the electoral system early this week and they have scheduled to continue the negotiation on the coming Saturday, October 21, 2017. The Ruling party EPRDF has proposed a mixed electoral system in which 10% proportional representation and 90% first-past-the-post would be combined as part of the continued negotiations.

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Nation celebrates Flag Day

The 10th National Flag Day was celebrated on Monday across Ethiopia under the motto “WE HAVE A GREAT VISION AND WE ARE SET FOR A GREATER VICTORY”! Here in the capital Addis Ababa, the day was colorfully observed at the National Stadium in the presence of high-level government officials including Deputy Speaker of the House of Peoples’ Representatives, Mrs Shitaye Minale and Chief of the Ethiopian Defense Forces, General Samora Yenus, and other honorable guests and residents of Addis Ababa.

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May 1991 under Ethiopian Sky

Mid of May 1991 according to G.C was the time when Ethiopia was under huge gloomy and darkness. For successive 17 years death, revolution, terror, torch and violence become the big history of the country, which started after February 1966 revolution and a military coup. The 1966 revolution which started by higher education students and accelerated by the taxi drivers, civil servants, and militant groups ended up the monarchial system of emperor Hailesilassie and the so called Solomonic dynasty which ruled Ethiopia under feudal administration for about 5 decades.


Among many other things, there are things such as fresh air, clean water and peace that God gave his people freely and what a gift they are! Peace is not a luxury; therefore it must be protected very carefully. Peace can be interpreted differently by different people alike. We perceive peace within the context of our thorough commitment of safeguarding and our love for it. Peace is "peace" and peace is health and with health, there is life thus peace is life. When there is peace and when people are healthy, they can live, work and contribute to the national welfare.

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