EPRDF:-in Brief EPRDF:-in Brief


The Ethiopian people's revolutionary democratic front( EPRDF) is a political organization found in 1989 by the membership of the Tigray peoples'Liberation Front(TPLF) and the then Ethiopian people's Democratic Movement( EPDM),currently known as the Amhara Democratic Movements (ANDM).Later, other parties joined the front namely, the Oromo People's Democratic Organization(OPDO),and Southern Ethiopian people's Democratic Movement ( SEPDEM),previously known as Southern Peoples Democratic Front( SEPDF).

At the outside, the objective of the front was to direct and coordinate the national liberation struggle of the people against the fascist dictatorial Dergue regime, and the fight against national oppression that was imposed over the people of Ethiopia. Accordingly, the EPRDF had waged a protracted life and death struggle which brought about the total downfall of the dictatorial military regime in May 1991.The event made an end to the age long national oppression and exploitation, which was regarded as the extension of the previous regimes. Besides, the EPRDF Has also played key role in laying foundations for building a nation of a communal vision with a new spirit of hope.

Accordingly, a constitution in which basic human and democratic rights and the right to self-administration and equality of Ethiopian nations, nationalities and peoples are ensured has been enforced. With a view to eradicate the long prevailed poverty and bring about rapid and sustainable development, the EPRDF formulated the Agricultural Development Led Industrialization (ADLI) strategy. The strategy was fruitful, especially after renewal program of the EPRDF in the past nine years a double economic growth has been registered. Through the noted strategy tremendous achievements have been registered in the Agriculture, industry and service sectors. The five years growth and transformation plan.

The number of the individual members under the member parties of the EPRDF has increased gradually. It was around 700,000 on 2005 and by 2013 growth to 6.5 million.

EPRDF is the vanguard of the Ethiopian Farmers, lower and middle urban dwellers and developmental actors. The core leadership pursuers the cause of revolutionary democracy and represents Ethiopians advanced productive forces and the fundamental interests of the overwhelming majority of the Ethiopian people.

The EPRDF has continued its role as a vanguard actor in building reliable peace, development and strong stability. It has always been the aspiration of the EPRDF to build a new Ethiopian in coordination with other partners. As it has won the 4th National Election, the front has formulated the five year Growth and Transformation plan so as to enable the country food self-sufficient and lay a platform for industrial led economy. Accordingly to the Growth and Transformation Plan, Ethiopian economy is expected to grow at the rate of 11% - 15%. The implementation of the plan will be realized by extensive participation of the people and the commitment of the government.

EPRDF:-in Brief


  • Tigray People's Liberation Front (TPLF)—established in 1975

  • Amhara National Democratic Movement (ANDM)--- established in 1982

  • Oromo People's Democratic Organization (OPDO)--- established in 1990

  • South Ethiopia Peoples'Democratic Movement (SEPDM)--- established in 1992


The Background of the emblem is a circular Space Painted with red

Color.Placed on the background are a wheat filament on the right anda wheel on the left which are linked from the bottom with a ribbon on the mid of which atorch handled by two hands rests. At the top of the flare of the torch and on the tips of the wheel and the wheat filament is an amber star.

Interpretation of the emblem

  • The red background indicates the grand sacrifice paid for the establishment of a democratic order.

  • The wheat filament.half the wheel and the torch represent the sectors of the society both in rural and urban areas that are the social foundation of revolutionary democracy who have organized themselves under the EPRDF,

  • The two hands represent the readiness of the people to rally behind the revolutionary democracy and their comradeship.

  • The star represents the bright hope that the front has to build a sustainable democratic order in country.

The flag of the EPRDF

The flag of the EPRDF is red flag highlighted by the party emblem on it. The party emblem and flag are symboland sign of the EPRDF.

Party organization at all levels and all party membersshall safeguard the sanctity of the party emblem and flag.Member parties also have their own flag.

    1. Publication

Addis Ra-iy (a concept paper published every two month)


Addis Ababa. AratKillo.,near the national parliament


2.1 The EPRDF is a front founded by the union of revolutionary democratic organizations.

2.2 All EPRDF member organizations have the obligation to implement EPRDF's national

Revolutionary democratic program in their respective regions.

2.3 The EPRDF is a front of organizations with equal status.

2.4 All organizations embraced by the EPRDF are those that are guided by democratic

Principles and pursue the practice (procedure) of democratic centralism.

2.5 The EPRDF organs at all levels pass decisions by majority vote after holding thorough


2.6 One person will have only one vote. A proposed motion will be a common guideline if it

Wins 50%+ 1 vote of the total votes in a particular meeting.


3.1 Transparency and accountability

3.2 Democratic centralism

3.3 Equality and freedom

3.4 Prompt performance.


4.1 Any organization that

  • Has accepted the program and statute of the EPRDF and has readiness for the implementation,

  • Has fully realized democratic process in its internal workings and

  • Has secured a community basis for the implementation of the program and conduct concrete activities may become a member of the front.

4.2 An organization is admitted to a membership in the front if it is a national political

Party or a front in a regional state founded by various national revolutionary democratic

Frontsor a multi-national organization or regional and national revolutionary

democratic organization. Not individually.

4.3 An organization that is willing to raise financial contributions to the implementation of

Front's activities.

4.4 An organization that has completed probationary period.


A. The General Congress

B. The Council of the EPRDF

C. The Executive Committee

D. The Chairperson of the EPRDF

E. The Deputy Chairperson

F. Control Commission

G.secretariat of the EPRDF

H. Parliamentary Structure of the EPRDF

I. Women's League

J. Youth League

K. Junior bodies. Of the EPRDF

A. Congress of the EPRDF

1. It is the highest body of the front.

2. The congress conducts its meeting within every two or two and half years.

3. The congress is composed of equal number of representatives from member


4. It has the Power to approve, amend and change the program and the statute of the front.

5. sets national policies and strategies by which the front is directed.


The last ten Organizational Congress

Since its establishment,the EPRDF has held ten Congressional meeting

The First Congress

-Took place in January 1991, in Tigraystate,at place called KollaTembien.

The Second Congress

  • Conducted at December 1995, in Hawassa, the state of Southern Nation Nationalities and peoples Region.

The Third Congress

  • Held in December 1998 in Jimma , the state of Oromia.

The Fourth congress

  • Conducted in August 2001, Addis Ababa Named a #Renewal Congress;,it evaluated long journey of the EPRDF.

The Five Congress

  • Conducted in September 2004, in Bahidar city, Amhara Regional state. The congress was named #Emerta Congress; meaning #Leap forward congress; .

The Sixth Congress

  • Carried out in September 2006, in Mekelle city, the Regional state of Tigray.

The seventh Congress

  • Took place in September 2008, in Hawassa city, the Regional state of Southern Ethiopian Nations, Nationalities and Peoples.

The 8th Congress

  • Held in September 2010, Adama, the Regional state of Oromia.

The 9th Congress

  • Conducted in March 2012, Bahirdar, the Regional state of Amhara.

The 10th Congress

  • Held in September 2015, Mekelle city, the Regional state of Tigray.