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The outgoing Political and Information Officer of the United Kingdom in Ethiopia, Mr. Gavin Cooke, and his successor Mr. Benjamin Wastage held discussion on June 23, 2010 with Ato Muktar Kedir, Head of EPRDF Secretariat. During the discussion, Ato Muktar briefed the British officials on the objective reality of the country, in particular about the election which he said was concluded peacefully and democratically. He also expressed gratitude to the British Embassy and particularly to Mr. Cooke who provided support and cooperation for the process. Mr. Gavin Cooke, who announced the termination of his duty as Political and Information Officer of the United Kingdom in Ethiopia, introduced his successor Mr. Wastage to the Secretariat Head. The new officer on his part expressed his determination to work hard to strengthen the good relations between the two countries. He also thanked Mr. Cooke for maintaining good working relations with officials of the EPRDF. Ato Muktar noted on the occasion that the relation between the EPRDF Secretariat and the British Embassy will further be consolidated. Wishing Mr. Cooke success, the Secretariat Head expressed EPRDF?s readiness to work in cooperation with the new officer. Present during the discussion were Ato Mengisteab Gebrekidan, EPRDF Training Sector Head and Ato Sekuture Getachew, EPRDF Public and Foreign Relations Department Head.

Interview with Ato Temesgen Tilahun, EPRDF Foreign Relations Sector Head

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