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The Executive Committee of the Ethiopian People?s Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) concluded its regular session. Passing different decisions. The front had evaluated in detail the activities it undertook in the last five years in areas of politics, organization, capacity building and other leadership. The renaissance policy and strategy the front has been pursuing has become fruitful and that it has enabled it to transform the country to better situation. The Executive Committee had confirmed that the activities the front has carried out especially since the last five years to accelerate the countrys development and ensure good governance were fruitful. It also noted that the plan designed to register significant development achievements is appropriate. It was confirmed that the front has also been able to motivate the public at large toward the development of the country and building democracy in the country. It also stressed the need that EPRDF and its allied parties to further strengthen the culture of addressing problems on time. The Executive Committee called on all members of the front to further enhance best practices gained in the course of the front?s activities.

Interview with Ato Temesgen Tilahun, EPRDF Foreign Relations Sector Head

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