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The Eighth Organizational Conference of EPRDF, which will be held in Adama town from September 15-17, 2010, is a conference accompanied by double victory and set to deliver the responsibilities entrusted upon the Front by the peoples of Ethiopia in the May election, Ato Muktar Kedir, Head of the Secretariat of EPRDF and Member of the Executive Committee of EPRDF said. According to the Head, preparations have been underway for the conference that will be attended by representatives of the four national organizations, the youth and women?s leagues, invited guests as well as foreign fraternal parties. Report on the performance of the recommendations of the Seventh Organizational Conference, identification of activities that should be executed in the coming two years with a view to realizing the Five Year Growth and Transformation Plan, the naming of new members of the Council and the Executive Committee of EPRDF, and the election of Chairperson and Vice Chairperson as well as other issues will be carried out, it was learnt. The holding of the conference at the launching of the second Five Year Growth and Transformation Plan is historic and would enable the Front to make the necessary organizational preparations to fulfill the heavy responsibility entrusted on it, Ato Muktar added. Various committees are making preparations for the successful conduct of the conference.

Interview with Ato Temesgen Tilahun, EPRDF Foreign Relations Sector Head

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