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The Executive Committee of EPRDF said it has enabled to register an agricultural production growth. In a meeting it held here on Saturday, November 7, 2010, the Executive Committee had found that the development of infrastructure and prevalence of good governance were the major factors for in the increase in agricultural production. It said role model farmers should be taken an exemplary to replicate agricultural productivity growth in all parts of the country. The Executive Committee stressed the need that providing necessary training and support to the farming community would help increase agricultural productivity. Further expanding irrigation development schemes and development of river basins are among the many things that help increase agricultural production growth. It also underlined the need to fill in the gap of agricultural products transaction. It also discussed the importance of expanding micro finance institutions so that farmers have access to loan and saving. The Executive Committee also deliberated on the significance of developing the culture of saving among the farming community. The prevalence of multi-party system which enables to develop democracy in the country has enabled to achieve development across the nation. This has also helped bring about national consensus among the people in the country, the Executive Committee said. It urged the public at large to work hard for the realization of renaissance of Ethiopia.

EPRDF chair person Ato Meles Zenawi speech?s to the 8th EPRDF congress

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