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President Girma Woldegiorgis, addressing the closing program of the 30th anniversary of the Amhara Nation Democratic Movement (ANDM) on November 28, 2010, called on the public to exert unstinted effort to further bolster the rapid development of the country Noting the responsibility of every citizen to contribute their share toward the success of the Five-year Growth and Transformation Plan and make the country join the rank of the middle income countries, the President added that members of the ANDM, an organization known for its firm commitment, should repeat the valor in the sphere of development too. ANDM Chairman and Executive Member of EPRDF, Ato Demeke Mekonen, on his part pointed out that the natives of the region, along with other members of the society, have been fulfilling their obligations toward the enhancement of development in line with the policy and strategy of the government. He said ANDM members, besides registering encouraging results in bolstering development efforts in the region, are exerting strenuous efforts to lay down the renaissance of the country on solid foundation. The Chairman urged natives of the region, members and supporters of ANDM residing in Addis Ababa to contribute to the boosting of the ongoing development works in the region. The concluding program held at the Millennium Hall was attended by ministers, ambassadors, members and supporters as well as invited guests.

EPRDF chair person Ato Meles Zenawi speech?s to the 8th EPRDF congress

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