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After discussing extensively about the construction of the Great Millennium Dam, employees of the EPRDF Council Secretariat contributed on April 14, 2011 a total of 270,785 Birr and 34 cents for the construction of the dam. The employees agreed unanimously to each contribute one-month salary, totaling 242,959.84 Birr, in addition to the 27,825.50 Birr the employees saved for their vacation. The employees expressed their joy for being able to witness the construction of a dam which could generate twofold of the existing electric power of the country with the fruits of the rapid economic growth and the contribution of our people. Besides, they pledged to meet their national obligation by buying bonds as this is not only a project that enhances the renaissance of Ethiopia, but also an opportunity to leave ones fingerprint on the endeavor the developmental and democratic organization, the government and the public at large have been making to pass down a new and better Ethiopia to the next generation. They finally expressed their belief that the dam will further contribute to the success of our foreign policy, which is based on peace, tolerance and mutual benefits, as it would not only benefit Ethiopia but also neighboring countries.

Interview with Ato Mengisteab G.Kidan, EPRDF Training Sector Head