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June 1995 /(1987 E.C) first national election/

This was the time were the National Electoral Board of Ethiopia (NEBE) recognized 7 national and 57 regional parties. The first federal legislative election also had independent candidates. Opposition political parties, even though registered, boycotted the election. The All Amahara peoples organization (AAPO), the Council of Alternative Forces for Peace and Democracy in Ethiopia (CAFPDF),the Ethiopian Democratic Party(EDUP), are the opposition political parties that boycotted the 1995 legislative election, despite the potential to present alternative programs and policies to the people. In this election 21,337,379 eligible people were registered and 20,068,508 (94.1%) of them voted. Subsequently, out of the total 546 parliamentary seats EPRDF won 483 seats, the other parties got 53 seats and 10 seats went to independents. Although some parties again boycotted this election the voter turnout was impressive, observers rated it as satisfactory and the involvement of opposition parties has also increased, thus demonstrating a real move toward democratization.

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