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May 2000 G.C. 2nd (1992 E.c)

Unlike to the first general election of May 1995, boycotted by the opposition parties, a number of political and independent candidates competed in the secondgeneral election. Out of the 65 political parties, 57 operating at regional level and the remaining 8 at national level took part in this election. Opposition political parties like the AAPO and CAFPDE which boycotted the 1995 election engaged in the election. In the 2000, parliamentary election 21,834,806 voters were registered, of which 19,607,614 (89.8%) cast ballots to 35 political parties and many independent candidates. The Ethiopian Peoples Revolutionary Democratic Front (EPRDF) won 481 seats and EPRDF affiliated parties 37. Opposition political parties and independents won 39 seats. All parties involved in the election and the public at large gained a lot of experience from the process and democratic culture was taking root.

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