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Addis Ababa, May 24, 2010 Government Communication Affairs Office (GCAO) urged the Human Rights Watch (HRW) and its cliques to refrain from interference on the decision and will of the Ethiopian people. The office said government believes that national election is only an Ethiopian affair instrumental to ensuring the sovereignty of Ethiopians not for outsiders. The office issued counterstatement on Monday for the HRW?s allegation report released same day under the title Ethiopia: Government Repression Undermines Poll. The GCAO said the Ethiopian government won?t have any space for those interested to compel leaders of sovereign nation. HRW said the result is unacceptable as the Ethiopian government pressured, intimidated and threatened voters in the election, the office said. The office said the US based HRW and its cliques are trying to forcefully twist leaders as they have been doing in the past under the disguise of support as Africans are aid recipients. The office said these forces are desirous of imposing a king against the will of Ethiopian people for they are aid donors. The office said HRW has been engaged in tarnishing the images of Ethiopia and it came up with its disruptive move as nation is wrapping up the 4th national elections. As the office has been releasing counterstatements for HRW?s unfounded allegations time and again, it came to realize that it deemed necessary to respond for disruptive move against ongoing election, the office said. Therefore, the office requested HRW and its mercenaries duly honor Ethiopian peoples vote in just ended general elections. The office said HRW?s report seemingly is to run off for time and to tarnish the election process with baseless allegations before the official announcement of the election results. The office noted that the peoples of Ethiopia will never let anybody to oppress their will forcefully. The office said the intention of propagating groundless accusations is to instigate violence against the active and massive participation of the public in the historic election. The office said such motive is clearly purged out from unwillingness to honor the sovereignty of the Ethiopia people.

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