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Addis Ababa, May 28, 2010 the 19th anniversary of the May 28 Victory Day, a day that heralded the final demise of the dictatorial Dergue regime in 1991, celebrated across the nation on Friday. Here in the capital Addis Ababa, at a program organized at the Millennium Hall by Addis Ababa City government, the Day celebrated with presence of dignitaries including President Girma Woldegirogis, PM Meles Zenawi and Deputy PM Addisu Legesse. Addressing the huge gathering PM Meles Zenawi expressed that government redouble efforts to address the pressing issues of the residents of city. PM Meles said May 28 is a fruit of the lives of gallant compatriots like ? Amoraw? ,who nicknamed at the battle field, sacrificed himself and his compatriot spouse for the noble cause . The premiere said though the martyrs, who sacrificed their valuable lives to topple down the Dergue regime, their cause of struggle will be repeated on poverty by the current generation. They sacrificed lives to brought democracy for fellow Ethiopians, he said, adding the current generation is fighting rather the real enemy -poverty. He urged the public to change the image of the country. Meles urged the youth to work together with EPRDF to pull out the nation from food aid dependency. Addis Ababa City Mayor Kuma Demekissa on his part said the celebration of May 28 is so special as it is being celebrated on the morrow of the successful completion of a peaceful and democratic national election. He lauds the efforts of the residents who contribute share to make the election peaceful. The mayor called upon city residents to work together with EPRDF to make the capital modern and beautiful as its name Addis Ababa means New Flower. He said the city government will do level best to ensure equitable share of resources among citizens and to further strengthen small and micro enterprise development. Kuma has also made call for opposition parties and their supporters to work with EPRDF for the realization of development endeavors despite their differences. Colorful cultural and modern music of nations, nationalities and peoples of Ethiopia and children?s chorus decorated by tri-color nation?s flag staged at the Millennium Hall before a huge gathering. The Day is being celebrated in the city with various assortments including photographic exhibition.

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